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Weight: 88 g

Stainless Steel Round Head Screw 3x10-4pcs
Stainless Steel Round Head Screw 3x16-4pcs
Alloy Collar 3x6x2-4pcs

Manual number:

Product major function & usage:
Absorb the impact to balance the chassis

Major advantages of upgrading to this product:
1. Made with a quality light weight high tensile strength aluminum 6061 T6 for more stable performance with great durability.
2. Coil length is thickened from 1.75mm to 2mm in order to be more sturdy. High concentration oil is used to increase stability.
3. Length of damper is shortened from 55mm to 53mm (front) and 50mm (rear) so the vehicle is closer to the ground (from 11mm to 8mm) which will be more stable when in motion.
4. Based on the different height of front and rear, the product is designed with different length (front 53mm, read 50mm) to balance the vehicle.
5. Damper shaft is thickened from 3mm to 3.5mm in order to be more sturdy and prevent bending.
ther special notes and comments

Other special notes and comments:
Alloy collar 3x6x2 are to install at the upper positioning hole on the damper to adjust the tilt angle.

We use a quality light weight high tensile strength aluminum 6061 T6 and is then anodized with scratch resistant colors

We also have a big selection of multiple colors available now!! Let’s “hop up” your vehicles to give them the best looks and performance on the market … colors are available in blue, red, grey silver/gun metal, orange, green, black, brown

We have taken the time to individually, to carefully QC every part … this is another advantage of GPM having our own concept design fabrication and manufacturing facilities … almost all other companies outsource all of their production do very little QC never taking the time to unpackage, QC, then repackage their parts before shipping. GPM offers the best Quality Control and after product sold services, to include constantly making our pro team racers and staff available for any question or advice

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