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Weight: 100 g

Manual number:

Product major function & usage:
Support the rear of chassis

Major advantages of upgrading to this product:
1. Made with a strong material stainless steel 304, more sturdy and not easy to rust. It was made slightly thicker from original 4.2mm modified to 6.5mm for longer durability.
2. Adjustable tie rod (clockwise or counterclockwise).

Other special notes and comments:
To be used with original ball ends

We have taken the time to individually, to carefully QC every part … this is another advantage of GPM having our own concept design fabrication and manufacturing facilities … almost all other companies outsource all of their production do very little QC never taking the time to unpackage, QC, then repackage their parts before shipping. GPM offers the best Quality Control and after product sold services, to include constantly making our pro team racers and staff available for any question or advice

We offer speedy next day OVERNIGHT delivery …. If not needed that fast, we also offer FREE delivery utilizing Hong Kong post service

We offer free delivery by SF Express within Hong Kong

All parts included for a fast easy no hassle mount. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas or about our race and sponsorship programs at

All parts are included for a fast easy installation with a 420 day no hassle guarantee, "RIDE THE BEST BE THE BEST GO GPM RACING" Enjoy GPM shopping.

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