AXIAL 1/10 ELECTRIC 4WD RTR YETI ROCK RACER - AX90026 - YT048,YT055,YT086110FR,YT237SA 23-5-2017

Product Id : YT086110FR


(1)These set of dampers are specifically designed hand assembled with care for all  Axial–Yeti 1/10 scale racing car. 

(2)The length upgrade to 86mm for front and 110mm for rear measuring from center of the ball top to the center of the ball end. This is shorter than the original for speedy rally onroad racing . 

(3)The damper cylinder upgraded to diameter of 12.8mm,spring coil length is 2mm and the shock shaft is 4mm. 

(4)These set of GPM precision dampers are ready to go so you can open the package and install them right away. 

(5)They have an adjustable design and oil filled for a smoother performance .. adjust them for your individual needs and how you prefer to have your suspension set up 

(6)We offer a rebuild kit for these Axial Yeti dampers in case you break some small components.. the rebuild kits is very easy to use : ) 

(7)These set of dampers are made of high performance polyurethane for the ball top and ball end for a higher level of strength and precision settings, this combination offers you greater angles of flexibility and choices, for a more favorable user friendly set up. 

(8)The damper top adjustment cap can make quick adjustments a lot easier and time saving with less hassle.

(9)The dampers are professional race quality with an anti-oil leak design.