Team Magic -TM E6III HX EP MONSTER TRUCK505005 Front & Rear upper & lower arms are ready to ship 19-5-2017

Product Id: E6054F/R

Product name : Alloy front or  Rear upper suspensison arms - 4pc set 

Product major functions & usage:These upper arms help support strenghten and link the suspension members to the chassis, manage the motion of the wheels so that it synchronizes with that of the body of the car.

Major advantages of upgrading to this product :

1. We use a quality light weight high tensile strength aluminum 6061 T6 alloy

2. Anodized in alluring scratch resistant colors

3. The major advantage of hand fitting and then installing these Delrin collars is to prevent unnecessary friction and any type of sticky motion. A much more reliable accurate fit

The features of  general appearance of this product :Fast light weight unbreakable looking upper suspension anodized alloy "A" arm with Delrin collars  … A much better fit and stable motion while offering a highly lightened alloy part .. It has a cool 3-D look and all the edges are milled ar 45 degree.

Key selling points: 

1.The suspension "A" arms are the gauranteed top seller of every vehilce that GPM makes "hop ups" for … it is belonged to one of the 6 GOLDEN "hop ups" of GPM  

2. A must have upgrade .. The "Beast E6" needs to equipped with best available proffessional racing parts

3.End-users typically ride without a shell body mounted .. The arms will be often the first point of contact in a crash, durability and strength is definitely an issue here, so why not ride the best

4.This upper arm is one of the first items people will see when looking at the vehilce and these arms ARE cool wicked looking

5. These arms can be interchanged front and rear depending on the users wants and needs

Other special notes and comments :N/A



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